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What Do I Ask My Caterer?

The day of your big event—be it a wedding, meeting or company party—is no day to be worried about the details. That’s why it is so important to ask your caterer the right questions long before the event. An excellent company will be happy to relieve your stress by answering any and all concerns you might have. This is a mark of their professionalism. Here are some suggestions for getting started.

What other venues or vendors do you frequently work with?

Often, catering companies will work in sync with certain locations. Generally, these venues are well set up for your caterer’s business and they are comfortable working alongside one another. This makes the process easier on you, as they will already be familiar with each other’s policies. Some caterers may also be able to help with things you haven’t thought of yet. They might recommend a great DJ or decorator for your event.

Do you have vegetarian options?

This is a fairly standard question anymore, but it is still worth it to ask. Chances are good that you will have at least a few guests who cannot or will not eat meat and it is courteous to have other choices available for them. Your caterer will have ideas about the types of entrees and appetizers that will be appropriate.

What equipment can I rent?

Many catering companies will have devices such as warmers and coolers for food, coffee makers, water holders, and the like, available for rent. If you don’t need full service but want to provide drinks, this can be a great option.

What is complimentary?

Free stuff is great, so be sure to ask. You may find that if you purchase the full service package, a bottle of wine comes with it. There are different perks depending on the company you choose to book with.

What is the best way to tell others about your service?

If you especially enjoy the main course or love the drinks and timeliness of the catering company you choose, they will definitely appreciate the feedback! Ask them if they prefer recommendations on their site, or through an online review.

Ask all the questions you can think of when booking vendors for a party. When you inquire properly and choose the right caterer, you and your event are on the way to amazing success!


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"To the team at Instyle Catering, We just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic job you did at our wedding (12th Nov) at bird In Hand, we've heard nothing but great things about the food and waiting team. Thanks again,"
Kim & Shane  12.11.11
Bird In Hand Winery