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Plan a Unique Corporate Holiday Party Well Ahead of Time

It’s never too early to start planning a corporate party. Before you know it, the holiday season is already at your doorstep and you'll be involved in a variety of tasks, but everything's needed yesterday!

A corporate party does not need to be a formal affair all the time. It's the holiday season after all, and everyone should be feeling good and ready to have fun.

Nowadays you do not have to be stressed out when tasked with planning a party. You just have to call in some experts. Catering services have raised the bar higher, and many have professional party planners in their team who can sit down and work with you to plan a unique theme for whatever kind of event you're hosting.

Choosing a theme

How about going back to the 1940s when A Christmas Story took place? It's a very popular holiday movie, and there are plenty of ideas you can inject into your party, such as favourite classic dishes, sweets popular in the 1940s, and drinks like root beer floats, milkshakes and sodas in glass bottles. If you can find a life size leg lamp and make it the focal point of your party décor, your guests will be in for a treat.

There is something magical about a masquerade ball. This is a bit on the formal side because costumes and masks are involved. But this is something that could be a lot of fun to do. If you want the party to be on the glamourous side, let your guests experience the Phantom of the Opera theme. Plenty of colours should be involved in this party – with traditional red and green, gold and silver, as well as shades of purple, pink and blue. In this setting, you need to have serving staff and a good bar set up.

The goodies

Aside from the overall décor, think of some blue food, such as the dessert. If you’re thinking of a blue theme, go for – blue candies, blue doughnuts, blue cake pops, blue frosted cake, blue cookies, blue gelatin and blueberry tarts. You can also have Blue Lemonade, Blue Hawaiian, Blue Lagoon, Pacific Breeze and other mixed drinks that can be mixed with Blue Curaçao liqueur.

Remember, planning a themed party takes time and expert caterers and planners are here to help, so you too can enjoy the event as much as your guests.


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"To the team at Instyle Catering, We just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic job you did at our wedding (12th Nov) at bird In Hand, we've heard nothing but great things about the food and waiting team. Thanks again,"
Kim & Shane  12.11.11
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