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Most major cities and towns across the nation are dotted with reputed catering companies. With abundant options, the task of picking one in preference to the others becomes challenging. Planning things well ahead of the appointed day is essential to ensure that there is enough time for the necessary homework.  When you are organising a large or medium scale event, it pays to visit your caterer at their premises.  This way, you have the advantage of gaining firsthand knowledge of how they conduct their business and make sure that your caterer is the best fit for the event you are planning.  Here is a checklist to help you further with the task.

1.    Get a list of services offered by your caterer

  • •  Does the caterer offer a customised menu to suit your specific aspirations or you have to mix and match from standard menus?
  • •  What is the ratio of service staff to guests – can the ratio provide efficient service to your guests
  • •  Is the quality of glassware, tableware and equipment appropriate for your event?
  • •  Does the caterer provide allied services like photographers, entertainment, floristry, audio visual /event production equipment, and themed events?

2.    Will the food be freshly prepared?

  • •  Will the food come from a freezer or be freshly prepared in your caterer’s kitchen
  • •  If the food comes from another manufacturer or the freezer cabinet, think twice

3.    How is the food transported?

  • •  How does the caterer transport food from the kitchen to the event location?
  • •  According to the Health Act, food should be transported either below 5 degrees or at temperatures above 60 degrees. This is the singular method of transporting food for functions and storing it in refrigerated vehicles till it is ready to be served.

4.    Is your caterer licensed?

  • •  Your caterer should have an appropriate licence
  • •  The RCAA (Restaurant and Catering Association of Australia) issues Gold Licence to caterers and assures customers that the caterer has appropriate product/public liability as well as workers compensation insurance, health inspections at regular intervals, and the key staffs have appropriate training.
  • •  If your event also involves alcohol service, your caterer should also have a special license issued for the purpose.  This will ensure that your caterer’s staffs is responsible for serving alcohol and all related legal responsibility rests with the caterer. When they have the related license, you may not need a separate alcohol license for the event.

Finally, check out the reputation of your caterer and reviews from customers who have used their services.


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"To the team at Instyle Catering, We just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic job you did at our wedding (12th Nov) at bird In Hand, we've heard nothing but great things about the food and waiting team. Thanks again,"
Kim & Shane  12.11.11
Bird In Hand Winery