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How to Throw a Great BBQ Party: Menu, Decorations, and More

A BBQ is one of the greatest types of outdoor parties where everyone can enjoy themselves to the fullest. The best thing about it is that organizing this event can be easy if you know how to go about it right. Our simple tips will help you plan a perfect BBQ party menu and make all necessary arrangements fast.

Compile Your Guest List

Think of how many people you want to invite and take notes of their food preferences. The important questions to answer are:

  • •  Will you invite any vegans and/or vegetarians? If yes, how many?
  • •  What kind of meat would you like to have at your BBQ party?
  • •  Are there any people with food allergies coming to your event?

Hire a Trustworthy Catering Service

Professional catering is what makes BBQ easy as without this service you’ll be forced to spend your own party slaving over a grill. Even worse, you’ll have to clean up all the tools and tableware covered with dried grease. This will definitely put you off BBQ for the rest of the year at least.

Hiring a reliable catering service solves all these problems and allows you to enjoy socializing with your guests, as well as relax afterward.

Discuss your BBQ party menu with the caterer and they will ensure you and your guests will have enough delicious foods that suit everyone’s taste and requirements.


Create a Beautiful Party Setting with Simple Decorations

A BBQ is a casual kind of outdoor party that should have a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. You won’t have to spend a fortune on fancy décor and furniture to turn your garden into a perfect setting for this occasion. In fact, some simple handmade ornaments in ‘rustic’ and ‘country’ styles will make a better setting than expensive luxury decors.

Here are some ideas you can use:

  • •  Make hanging lights from jars. Any clear jars will do and you can get creative in decorating them to fit your theme. For example, you can draw ornaments on the glass with a marker or put some pretty glass marbles at the bottom. Then, put a candle into each jar and light them up when it starts to get dark. Romantic atmosphere guaranteed!
  • •  Use herbs as table centerpieces. An outdoor party is all about getting closer to nature, so this kind of natural table ornament will work best. You can make centerpieces from cut herbs in regular clear jars or pots with these aromatic plants.
  • •  Set up a blanket lounging area. Give your guests a chance to enjoy a true picnic experience by arranging some blankets and pillows at one part of the garden.


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