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For over 12 years, our customers have relied on us for exceptional dining, no matter what the occasion. We are the leading caterers in Adelaide and can provide you with a fantastic meal regardless of the event. Whether you’re planning a formal event, a wedding or a conference for a large group, you can have peace of mind when you have the professionals from Instyle behind you.

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Instyle are experienced Adelaide caterers who offer versatile solutions for
a broad range of celebrations, functions and events. Whatever the occasion
may be, our passionate team of caterers will personalise a service that meets your
needs with divine food that will satisfy even the fussiest taste buds.

We pride ourselves on offering catering throughout Adelaide with a commitment to the highest possible standards.

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Expert caterer with a variety of menus to choose from

We have carefully prepared our menus so that there is an option for any event, but we are more than happy to tailor the menu just for your event so that everything goes perfectly.

Whether you go for delightful cocktail food for a corporate event or a full sit down meal for a wedding, you can enjoy knowing that each and every item is lovingly handmade with the finest fresh ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers. Our service outperforms competing catering companies in Adelaide and is renowned for exceptionally high standards to make your event one to remember.

A proud team of staff

The Instyle crew of caterers are a tight-knit group and love to come together to make your party, function or event special. From waiters and waitresses to our experienced chefs, our whole team is proud to be a part of one of the best catering companies available and is guaranteed to provide you with a highly personalised and professional service that will meet and exceed your expectations. To add to the occasion, we also offer a range of high quality furniture and equipment including a mobile BBQ.

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